EQLZ® #1100 - Desert Gray

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Limited quantity avalaible.

 3D Printed plant-based footwear.

 Textured from organic coffee ground.

 Mixed with fragrance from France.

EQLZ®#1100 SERIES Life Series Sneakers – a testament to the seamless fusion of innovation and sustainability. This collection embodies a modular, adhesive-free design, exemplifying our commitment to eco-conscious practices.
Derived from the depths of the ocean, the expanse of the jungle, and the intricate world of cells, each shoe within this triad encapsulates the very essence of nature's inspiration.
The EQLZ®#1100 SERIES pays homage to minimalism as a distinctive face of EQLZ identity, where every line and contour has been meticulously curated to reflect this aesthetic.
Experience more than just footwear; embrace a narrative that aligns with dedication to preserving the environment while embracing the elegance of minimalist artistry.